No pennies but 1 million views: a milestone for Frans Bauer and Donnie on YouTube


It wasn’t the question if, but when it was going to happen. Donnie and Frans Bauer achieved one million views on YouTube with their hit ‘No cents but stuff’. Katsjing!

The idea came as a joke, but soon became more serious. “My children have been a fan of Donnie for some time,” Frans Bauer told Omroep Brabant earlier. The song, a mix of rap, polonaise music and blues, came in one in a short time in the Dutch iTunes top 50.

The song was made that way. Frans had the title in his head for a long time. “We met with our producers for the first time to experiment, but I already had the title in mind. So that became the basis and in no time we had built a song around it.”

“Real and spontaneous”
Frans Bauer is not only successful with his music but also with his travel program De Bauers in Argentina. Together with his wife Mariska, he travels through the South American country. According to the most famous Dutch TV columnist Angela de Jong, this is because “French is real and spontaneous.” “He can be sincerely surprised and amazed about things. He is always himself and is a trinity with Mariska,” said the columnist.

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