New hypersonic missile to Pantsir-S systems


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Valeriy Slugin, the chief designer responsible for the air defense systems of the Shipunov Design Bureau of the Russian state-owned industrial company Rostech, announced that the newly developed hypersonic missiles will be used in the Pantsir-S missile defense systems.

Russian Speaking to the press, Slugin stated that both standard and newly developed hypersonic missiles will be used in Pantsir-S missile defense systems.

Slug’s, “There are two types of missiles that combat all kinds of targets. One was standard and the other was recently developed, the speed of this hypersonic missile reached 5 Mach and more ” he spoke.

New the missile Noting that the frequency of fire will increase as the system can reach its target faster and thus the firing channel will be released in a shorter time, Slugin also emphasized that it is not necessary to use too many explosives to scatter the parts of the warhead because the high impact speed already provides efficient dispersion of the parts.

Slugin also Pantsir He stated that the missiles were not equipped with guiding heads, because the missile could be directed by the remote control system for the required tasks at the distances the system was operating.

Dropped over 100 UAVs

Slugin, the chief designer, has developed nearly 100 unmanned aerial vehicles worldwide since the Pantsir air defense systems developed in Russia came into use (IHA) lowered it.

Slugin, who did not give an exact number for UAV, which was shot down in Syria and other regions where Pantsir systems were used, underlined that only 100 vehicles could be dropped. Saying that the militants had been able to be hit more easily by placing up to 10 bombs in UAVs, the expert underlined that terrorists have reduced the amount of ammunition they used and that more efforts were made to determine these targets.

in Syria Stating that two Pantsir groups are working, Slugin stated that one of these systems is used in Hmeymim Air Base and the other is used in the Syrian army.


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