Netanyahu and Putin discussed the “deal of the century” for the Middle East


Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow with the American plan for the Middle East, the media reported.

Netanyahu arrived in the Russian capital today after a visit to Washington, where US President Donald Trump revealed the long-awaited peace plan for the Middle East.

Trump gave both the knife and the bread in Netanyahu's hands

Trump gave both the knife and the bread in Netanyahu’s hands

The very plan of Donald Trump is far from being a “deal of the century” because it is more like a twist of arms than a compromise and a consensus. And it is more likely to lead to new conflicts than peace.

During a meeting with Putin in the Kremlin, Netanyahu described visit to the Russian capital as a symbol of “further strengthening of relations” and noted that he wanted to hear Russia’s president’s position on the US plan.

“You are the first leader I talk to after my visit to Washington about the Trump Century Agreement. I think there is a new opportunity here, maybe even a unique opportunity,” Netanyahu explained.

The plan of Trump gives Israel control over the Jewish settlements of the West Bank and the strategic Jordan Valley, and declares Jerusalem the “indivisible capital” of Israel. The Palestinians rejected the plan.

Trump acknowledges Israel's sovereignty over all Jewish settlements, boasts Netanyahu

Trump acknowledges Israel’s sovereignty over all Jewish settlements, boasts Netanyahu

Trump “refutes the big lie”

The prime minister also thanked Putin for the “swift” decision to pardon Israeli-American citizen Naama Issahar, who was convicted in Russia of possession of marijuana.

Issachar was imprisoned for 10 months before being pardoned. The 27-year-old was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison for nearly 10 years of marijuana found in her luggage during transit through the Moscow airport. She was returning to Israel from India.

“We have the opportunity to let’s say a few words about our bilateral relations“Said Putin, but did not mention the Middle East plan during his brief speech.

The Russian leader wished success to Naama Issachar and her family. He explained that the woman had been released because of her mother’s efforts, but twice mentioned that drugs were found there.

Vladimir Putin too thanks for the events commemorating the Holocaust during his visit to Israel.


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