Morocco announces its position on the “Deal of the Century”


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The Kingdom of Morocco has announced that it will study with “patient” details of the peace plan between Israel and Palestine put forward by the American administration represented by President Donald Trump.

“The kingdom appreciates the efforts of Washington, and we hope for a dynamic of peacebuilding in the Middle East,” said Nasser Bourietta, Moroccan Foreign Minister.

“Morocco will wait patiently for the details of the American peace plan,” Boureta added. “We also call for constructive dialogue in order to achieve peace.”

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump announced his plan to settle the Palestinian-Israeli issue known as the “Deal of the Century”.

According to Trump and Netanyahu, the “deal of the century” will recognize Israel as a Jewish state, in addition to working on a two-state solution, considering Jerusalem as an “indivisible” capital for Israel, recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Jordan Valley, and making investments worth 50 billion dollars to the Palestinian state.

The two sides stressed that “Israel will present, for the first time, a map of the lands it will provide in exchange for peace, and that Israel will not make any concessions that harm its security.”

The two sides pointed out that “the lands designated for Palestine will not be built on any settlements for a period of 4 years, and during this period the agreement will be studied” in addition to “the disarmament of the Gaza Strip and the cessation of the activities of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and the recognition of the State of Israel to the Palestinians, while resolving the problem of Palestinian refugees outside The scope of the state of Israel. “


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