More prisoners with low IQ, psychological problems and addiction –


Dutch prisons increasingly see prisoners with a (slight) mental disability, psychological problems and drug addiction. The number of elderly people with various chronic diseases is also increasing, according to a study by the Healthcare and Youth Inspectorate (IGJ).

The inspectorate also finds that judicial institutions have difficulty finding qualified care workers. “In combination with a highly complex target group, this is an increasingly emerging bottleneck,” said the IGJ. It is also often not possible to place prisoners with psychiatric problems at special clinics. This is due to the persistent long waiting times.

The IGJ also sees that the exchange of information about prisoners is not going well. According to the inspectorate, one of the reasons is the introduction of the AVG, regulations for the protection of personal data. “As a result, staff has become too cautious in sharing information,” said the inspection service.

Over the past six months, the IGJ held talks with managements of all so-called penal institutions (PIs), detention centers (DCs) and forensic psychiatric centers (FPCs).


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