Mercedes exit insurmountable? “February 12 is decided”


In two weeks, the Daimler board will be discussing the future of Mercedes in Formula 1. In 2021, the regulations will be changed and rumors are circulating that Mercedes does not want to take on this challenge.

RaceFans has learned, in collaboration with Autocar, that Daimler’s management will sit down at the table on 12 February to determine the future of the Formula 1 team.

Mercedes currently has an excellent form in sport. No fewer than six of the ten titles that were awarded in the previous decade have gone to the Brackley racing stable. But the signs for one exit be present.

Parent company Mercedes has to save

Daimler must reduce costs. Last year, the company missed out on several billion dollars in profits and indicated that they had to fire 10,000 people as a result of disappointing performance.

A logical place to reduce costs is the Formula 1 project. Billions are being pumped into the team to keep them winning and the proceeds do not outweigh this.

Prize money Formula 1 is not sufficient

The winner of the constructors’ championship receives a hefty sum as a reward for the spectacle delivered. However, this is not enough to keep the team running independently.

A departure from the dominating team could have major consequences for the sport. Probably Max Verstappen also took this into account in the choice to stay with Red Bull until 2023. (Photo: Mercedes AMG F1)


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