It’s over! The European Parliament ratifies the Brexit agreement


The European Parliament has ratified the agreement on the UK’s exit from the European Union. Thus, at midnight on January 31st, the British will no longer be part of the EU.In hours, the British flag will be taken down from the buildings of the European institutions and entrusted to British MPs who are leaving early for work and returning it back to the Island.

Most of their seats will be frozen for possible new member states and another will be allocated to several countries.

Bulgarian MPs keep their numbers unchanged. For now, the status of our citizens on the Island remains unchanged.
Like any separation, this one was a little sad, even for those who were struggling to leave.

“I will miss the stage, I will miss the drama, I will miss the audience of 500 people,” said Nigel Farage.

“Today is a sad day, but we have to keep in mind the decisions made. However, the story is not over. Our doors are always open to you, so today we do not say goodbye, but goodbye, “said David Sasoli, President of the European Parliament.

“After two hectic years of tensions, the press and the British needed it to stop and take a rest and take it on,” said Bruno Waterfield, a correspondent for the Times in Brussels.


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