It was closed by employees in the 1960s … an antique store was found in Saqqara al-Masria


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The security authorities in Egypt found an archaeological storehouse of an ancient mission near a Pharaonic cemetery inside the archeological area in Saqqara, Giza.

And the account of the Egyptian Ministry of Interior was published on Facebook, that the Egyptian Tourism and Antiquities Police received information and conducted investigations that found an ancient storehouse for an ancient mission next to a Pharaonic cemetery inside the antiquities area in Saqqara, and it was not included in the lists of antiquities stores in Saqqara and unknown to the region’s antiquities inspectors.

He pointed out that “by codifying the procedures, a committee was formed from the General Administration of Tourism and Antiquities Police, in coordination with the Saqqara Archeology Zone, and it was found that the warehouse referred to is located in one of the rooms attached to the tomb of Ptahhotep the First in Saqqara.”

The discovered storehouse consisted of tightly closed blocks of clay with behind a wooden door with a lead-locked lock, with two rings of two antiquities inspectors from the region in the 1960s.

Inside the house, two rooms with 12 wooden coffins were found, which included 12 mummies, a wooden coffin cover and 3 stone pieces, one of which was hieroglyphic drawings and inscriptions.

The ministry’s account indicated that the necessary custody has been appointed with the knowledge of the concerned authorities, to protect these antiquities until the matter is examined.


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