Israeli army hits targets from Hamas in Gaza


Israeli planes have hit various Hamas targets, including an arms factory, on the Gaza Strip. The attacks are a response to the launch of a rocket from Gaza on southern Israel, the Israeli army (IDF) reports. That rocket landed in an open field without causing damage or casualties.

The IDF announced earlier Wednesday that it has increased its presence in the West Bank and near Gaza.

Relations between Israel and the Islamic Hamas that control the Gaza Strip have been more peaceful lately. In December, Israeli media also reported that Israel was considering an informal and long-term ceasefire with Hamas. In return, Hamas would make more efforts to stop Palestinian militants firing rockets at Israel and to dampen border protests.

It is feared that this vote will now change considerably as a result of the Middle East peace plan proposed by US President Donald Trump on Tuesday. This peace plan still contains many uncertainties, but appears to be tailor-made for Israel, which has already led to indignant reactions among the Palestinians. Hundreds of people came to the streets of Gaza to protest the plan, and both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority made it clear that Trump’s “deal of the century” belongs to them in the garbage can.


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