Israel reveals that it was subjected to a serious electronic attack


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Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz announced today, Wednesday, that Israel foiled a major electronic attack on one of its power plants, a few months ago.

“It was a very serious and sophisticated attempt to control one of our power plants and stop working on it,” Steinitz said at an Internet technology conference in Tel Aviv, without elaborating.

According to “Reuters”, Yossi Schnek, director of the internet and business development division of the state-owned Electricity Company, said he was aware of the incident, although it did not target any of the company’s stations.

The company supplies Israel with 70 percent of its electricity, while the rest comes from small competing companies.

Schnek stated that “the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and the Lebanese Hezbollah group and countries that do not like Israel like Iran are believed to be responsible for most of the attacks.”


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