ISIL: We are turning Israel into a training ground for our weapons


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The Islamic State (IS) has threatened to make Israel a chemical weapons training ground.

Citing a militant voice message, the ISIL terrorist organization has announced that it plans to target Israel as the main target of its attacks, Spotnik reports quoting the Israeli newspaper.

As noted, the reason for such a statement is the US plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Middle East called the “Deal of the Century”.

In this regard, terrorists have threatened to step up attacks and make Israeli settlements a testing ground for missiles and chemical weapons.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed a “deal of the century” at a joint White House meeting. Details of the dispute resolution plan will be announced later.

The White House announced in April 2019 that the “deal of the century” was aimed at resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The United States plans to divide Jerusalem and create an independent Palestinian state. On June 23, a proposal was made to allocate $ 50 billion for the project.


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