Interrogation of Iranian travelers in the United States


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A note sent from an anonymous source to a Canadian immigration lawyer indicates that the US Customs and Border Protection has ordered the interrogation of Iranian passengers.

Canada’s CBC News has received a note from an anonymous source in a white envelope to the office of an immigration lawyer named Len Saunders, Spotnik reports.

The note, allegedly owned by the US Customs and Central Bureau of Protection, indicates that border guards (Canada-US) were ordered to interrogate travelers who had links to Iran.

CBC Canada News reported that the official memo instructs border guards to track people aged 2 to 6 who had links to Iran and Lebanon – whether born in Iran or Lebanon or for some reason. The country has traveled – “checked”.

The note – if valid, confirms recent complaints by a group of Iranian-American and Canadian-American citizens who said they had been detained and interrogated for a long time while crossing the Canadian-US border.

US Customs and Border Protection earlier denied reports that about four Iranian-born passengers were detained on January 4-5, one day after Qassim Suleimani’s Terrorist Drone Attack in Iraq. Kurdish.

The US Customs and Border Protection Agency said in a conversation with the Canadian News Network that the delays were due to staff problems during busy weekends and declined to comment on the validity of the memo. However, one official said that the note appeared to be legal.


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