Incredible VIDEO from Wuhan: The whole world is amazed at what the Chinese do on the balconies


Across China, people who stay in homes at will or under duress are trying to make best use of the situation while cities remain closed, in a desperate attempt by authorities to crack down on the new dangerous coronavirus, an Associated Press quoted by bg. Monday night, residents of some multi-storey blocks in the city of Wuhan gathered in spirit, clustering in their windows and balconies and singing the national anthem and other songs together.

The chant of the anthem “Cilay, Cilay, Cilay!”, Which means “Get up, get up, get up!” Echoed between the towers of the skyscrapers in the 11-million-strong city.
Streets in Wuhan have become deserted and ominously quiet as families try to avoid contact with other people who may become infected.

Others chanted “Wuhan, fight!” Echoing slogans heard by protesters in Hong Kong, where anti-government demonstrations have been going on for months.

Schools in China delayed the start of the second term and semester because of the epidemic. That’s why student Wei Zhaiqi turned the living room into a badminton court.

Others are on social media to demonstrate their word-playing skills with Siri’s virtual assistant. Some also play pool with the help of feeding sticks and round yellow longan fruit and cherry tomatoes instead of balls.

Spouses from Shantou City in Guangdong have filmed a video of them having fun with their children at home with a traditional hoop game, popular at outdoor celebrations for the Lunar New Year.

To do this, the hoops are cut out of cardboard, and the mother is a saleswoman who offers them to those who wish. The kids buy them and throw them away to win prizes stacked on the floor in the room.

A Hubei province woman has posted a number of videos in which she combats boredom by using various effects and showing how she makes a snowman off the ice in her freezer to try to inspire optimism and positive attitude for her countrymen.


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