I hope this semifinal is the first of many: TennisKafe


Alexander Zverev finally made his big breakthrough in the Grand Slam tournament. Former # 3 beat Stan Vavrinka in four sets and qualified for the final four of the Australian Open, achieving one of his big goals over the last few years.

Sasha was extremely happy after the match and commented on John McEnroe’s achievement:

“The feeling is great. I did well in the other big tournaments – I won the Masters, I won the ATP finals, but I never managed to get past that Grand Slam hurdle. I’m happy to be in the semifinals. “

“Stan played a great game, a great tournament,” Medvedev won in five sets. I do not know what to say. Thanks to everyone who supported me today. You don’t know what that means to me. I hope this semifinal is the first of many. “


Although he had wished for this success for a long time, the German denied that this was the biggest day in his tennis life:

“Sorry, but I won the ATP finals. I love titles. If it reaches the finish line then yes. “

And if he takes another step after the finals and snatches the Zverev trophy, he will donate his entire prize money to Australia to recover from the heavy fires the country has faced in recent months – a promise it made before the race began:

“Yes, it’s still true. I hope to make it a reality. I made a promise to the Australians, I will keep my word. I have always said that money is not important to me. My parents taught me that you have to help them with others who actually need them. It would be nice to earn four million Australian dollars – maybe buy a few cars or something. But there are people who actually need them to rebuild their homes and restore wildlife. It’s much more important that they take that money. “

The 7th in the world has had a number of great staff at its headquarters in recent years, including Ivan Lendell and Juan Carlos Ferrero, but is currently working solely with his father and is more than pleased with it:

“He’s like a normal coach who doesn’t like his athlete, to be honest. We spend many hours on the court and then do not see it until the next day – this is usually the process. Many people say that I need to find a new coach and change the situation, but every time I work with my father, we come to the late stages of big tournaments. He made me the tennis player I am. In my opinion, there is no need to change anything. If he tells me he’s tired, I’ll figure out and add another guy, but he’ll be part of my team for a long time. “


Outside tennis also helps him to show his best on the court:

“My father is happy. My team is happy. I hope my girlfriend is happy. There isn’t so much stress in my life anymore. You play better when you’re happy off the court. “

Alexander faces a clash with Rafael Nadal or Dominic Tee, who will face off at the Rod Laver Arena today. For now, however, he has nothing more to do than concentrate on his recovery and watch the match between the two:

“I’ll watch Rafa – Dominic by car in my hotel room. I hope they play six hours and get tired a lot. “



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