His DNA is strewn as he flies the “Persian pilot bat” responsible for the Corona disaster


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Some disease specialists have predicted that the Coronavirus was spread by a bird that was inside a market for animals in the city of Johann.

The scientists pointed out that the bat bird is the first likely to be behind the disaster of the epidemic in the Chinese city and then its transmission to the countries of the world.

According to director of Ecohealth, a health professional, Peter Daszak, who has spent about 15 years studying animal-to-human diseases in China, the bat known as the “gallant parasite” is the primary cause of disease transmission.

According to Daszak, if this hypothesis is correct, the bat will be considered a carrier of this bacterium as well as another list of the dangerous germs it carries. according to Sky News.

The scientists describe the bat as a “virus reservoir” and immunologically outperforming the rest of the mammal, and feeds on tons of insects carrying various viruses, and the weight of the mare bat is about 28 grams.

According to the teachers, the immune system of the bat adapts gradually after a period of flight, and previous studies revealed that the bat resists viruses due to a property in its DNA, and that it secretes its DNA when flying, which negatively affects humans and other animals but is not affected by the bat itself.


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