He kept complaining of a constant headache … Doctors discover a 10-year-old surprise inside a man’s brain



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Doctors have reached the causes of a permanent headache complaint that has persisted for several months.

Tests revealed the presence of a tapeworm inside the brain of the man named Gerardo, who had been stable for 10 years.

Gerardo suffered his first health problems with the worm last year, when he was fainted during a football match.

Doctors succeeded in removing the worm from Gerardo’s brain, with precise surgery.

Doctors pointed out that the worm entered Gerardo’s body when he ate a non-cooked pork meal in Mexico, 10 years ago.

The man said that he was feeling intense pain that was causing him to sweat from his strength, as well as constant vomiting, which is a rare condition, according to the doctors’ description.


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