Hamilton has weaknesses that others do not exploit


Hamilton and Alonso, photo by Mirko Stange

Lewis Hamilton also has his weaknesses, but other pilots do not use them. This is considered two-time Formula 1 champion Fernando Alonso. The Mercedes pilot already has 6 titles in his career, with 5 of them winning in the last 6 years.

In most cases, the British also had the best car, but he managed his teammates, except in 2016. Then the crown grabbed Nico Rosberg. Ferrari had a very strong car in 2017 and 2018, but Lewis was able to prevail, making fewer mistakes.

“Hamilton has taken a step forward, Alonso told F1 Racing. – He has become more competitive, more prepared. There are still some weaknesses that have not yet been noticed. Nobody uses them. It has risen in recent years. Especially in 2019 when his car was not so dominant.

If he can’t win, he’s always very close to his forehead – not 20 seconds back. And so it happens with Valterie. On a weekend when the car is not as competitive, Botas is fifth or sixth, a minute behind. But Lewis doesn’t. If we analyze its seasons, there is always a similar trend. It starts the year slowly, but no one takes advantage of it.

It will be nice to compete against him in a real battle. When you have a good package and others crash and you increase your lead, everything seems calm. But if you are 1 or 10 points back, the voltage is different. The errors are different and the radio communication too. We need to see him when he is under pressure. “

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