Goals of the Barcelona and Leganes match 5-0 in the King’s Cup … video


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The Barcelona team decided to qualify for the quarter-finals of the King’s Cup after beating Leganes five times without a response.

On the “Camp Nou” stadium, the two teams met the 16th round of the King’s Cup.

The Frenchman Antoine Griezmann was initially led in the fourth minute of the first half of the match by a shot after a pass from Nelson Simedo.

Then Clement Lingley scored a second goal for Barca in the 27th minute, and the goal came after Lionel Messi played a corner from the right side and then shot the French head.

The third Blograna goal came through by Lionel Messi, Liu scored a wonderful goal after a pass from De Jong, and the Argentine dodged Leganes players and then cleverly shot the ball into the net in the 59th minute.

In the 78th minute, Anso Fati played the ball that reached Lionel Messi, and the Argentine shot but rebounded from the goalkeeper, and then the ball reached Arthur, who hit the net to keep the Leganes goalkeeper in the 78th minute.

In the 89th minute, Messi returned and scored again his second and fifth goal for Barca with a great shot after a pass from Rakitic.

The match ended with Barcelona winning five without a response to qualify for the quarter-finals of the King’s Cup.


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