Gentle landing of British EU parliamentarians due to golden EU handshake


                              A large proportion of British MEPs who lose their jobs on Friday have to look for new work quickly. But not everyone. British representatives who have been in Brussels for at least a year receive a generous European severance payment.


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        <p>The rules of parliament contain generous allowances for departing parliamentarians. The rules are devised for MPs who lose their jobs after elections, but they also apply to parliamentarians who have to leave due to the Brexit.

Monthly salary per year worked

The departing British are entitled to a monthly salary per year that they have been in parliament. That transitional arrangement is capped at 24 months’ payment and they receive at least 6 months of European money. At least: if they were in the European Parliament (EP) for more than a year.

The latter is important. Because of the 73 Britons in parliament, no fewer than 51 did not start until July 2019. They all do not receive a transition allowance.


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        <h2>178,657.20 euros</h2>

For those who do qualify, it is immediately a party. The longest-seated Brit of all, Nigel Farage, has been a member of the EP since 1999. That is why he is entitled to a further 20 months’ payment. With a gross monthly salary of 8932.86 a month, that amount is therefore a maximum of 178,657.20 euros (tax still applies).

A parliamentarian who is in Brussels for between 1 and 7 years can count on a reimbursement of more than 53,500 euros, spread over 6 months.

Even more comfortable: the benefit does not stop and does not decrease when the parliamentarians find a new job. Only if they become members of another parliament or if they start to hold a public office, will the allowance be stopped or reduced by the new salary.


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        <h2>Also money for fresh employees</h2>

Yet even new parliamentarians still get a pretty nice bag of money home. After all, three months after the Brexit, everyone receives half of the general allowance that parliamentarians receive. This allowance is intended as an expense allowance, but no one checks whether the recipients use or need the money for this.

The general reimbursement this year is 4563 euros per month. The former representatives get half of that for three months. That amounts to a total of 6844.50 euros. This money can be used, for example, to cover relocation costs.


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        <h2>Moving boxes</h2>

Last year it was already announced that the EU was also committed generous in the distribution of moving boxes. When the Brexit was threatened last year, the British were already promised 15 moving boxes per person.

Anyone who wants to claim the golden handshake must let us know within three months of the Brexit. Nigel Farage, the longest-seated Brit and top brexiteer, has vowed not to accept the money.




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