Frank Lammers does not give up: “PSV wins Ajax four-out on Sunday”


It is not easy, to say the least, what the PSV supporter will get over this season. The Eindhoven club performs unprecedentedly poor and nothing seems to be spared. More than ever, the selection will probably travel to Amsterdam with nodding knees where she will visit arch rival and frontrunner Ajax on Sunday. Who knows, the team will focus on Frank Lammers’ pep talk, who is never ashamed of being a fan of PSV.

How often did the comedian from Mierlo not give a long nose to his Ajax friends Viggo Waas and Peter Heerschop. Like after all those times that PSV left the Arena with three points in their pocket.

Fans numbered
Still, Frank Lammers is in the best position, according to a video from him on Instagram. But first he puts that part of the following, who misbehaved like that last Sunday after the home game against FC Twente, on his number.

“Dear PSV friends”, that’s how it starts in a friendly way. But then: “Now you have to listen carefully. You are a supporter in good and bad times. Then you will not do stupid things, such as throwing stones and storming the main entrance. No, then you stand behind your technical manager, behind your director and behind your selection. ”That’s just the way it is. If you have a PSV heart.

Lammers therefore calls on his fellow supporters not to give up the fight, but to form one front. “As you ask them to work even harder, we will do the same as supporters. And we are going to support our club. ”Nice words, but whether we should all take seriously what Lammers says in the home-made video? What does he predict? “We win on Sunday. With four-zero. ”

“Behind our club”
Or not of course, he realizes himself. Oh, what then? “Then we also drink a beer. We are PSV and we remain kind to each other, yes. Friendly, white-too. PSV is a warm club, so stop it with that nonsense. We are all just behind our club. ”

Beautiful right? That club love. And he is deeply concerned with Lammers, because he continues to hope for better times. “Concord. Makes. Power. And then we will probably be champions again, so. ”


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