Europeans claim guarantees for citizenship in post-Brexit


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LONDON (Sputnik) – British Europeans vindicated the rights of community citizenship affected by Brexit in a symbolic farewell to the European Union that took place in London on January 31.

“That citizens do not pay the price of Brexit,” aired the banners they unveiled in front of the headquarters of the European Commission, in Westminster.

“Today is the saddest day of my life, I have been a nurse in England for 20 years thanks to the freedom of movement, but this privilege is going to end,” Catalan Joan Pons Laplana told Sputnik.

At 23 hours GMT United Kingdom will officially leave the EU and will enter a transition period until the end of the year, if the deadlines promised by Prime Minister Boris Johnson are met.

Laplana and other activists of the The5million collective – the estimated 3 million European Europeans residing in the United Kingdom and the two million Britons located in the EU – criticize the uncertainty and lack of legal guarantees for post-Brexit citizenship.

The complaint took on a tone of magical realism when actress Kate Willoughby assumed the cause by invoking suffragette Emily Davison.

“As of today the 5 million citizens do not have their guaranteed rights, which embarrasses us all,” she clad dressed in time in the historic St John Smith Square.

Approximately one hundred people congregated with candles before the headquarters of the European Commission, which will close its doors with the bells of 23 local time.
“I am very upset and I feel it especially for my children, who will not have the same freedom to study or work in the EU,” said Sputnik Sian Drinan, who traveled from Wales to join the emotional farewell.

Judith McCaulay, a retired Londoner who spent half a life in the Netherlands, expressed disgust and anger at the decision taken by the majority of 52% of voters in the 2016 referendum.

“It’s as if I slammed my neighbors, it’s horrible, I don’t have good words for my countrymen,” he said.

Also the pensioner Tony – his last name was reserved – joined the procession of Europeans who hours earlier walked from Downing Street, Johnson’s residence, surrounding Parliament Square and to the European Commission.
“The referendum was a fraud, they told us lies, and a decision based on falsehoods cannot be sustained, “he denounced Sputnik.

The march advanced in silence except for a torrent of ironic goodbyes and, sometimes, insulting or provocative comments of some proBrexit, which spread throughout Westminster on this unusual day in which the EU will lose one of its members of great weight.


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