Erdogan’s reaction to Khafter: He is a mercenary, he betrayed Gaddafi


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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held a joint press conference with Senegal President Sall. said the movement towards a migrant from the border with Turkey Idlib Erdogan, indicating that, while for the week is “Pay soldier, had betrayed Gaddafi,” he said.

Erdoganmet with President Macky Sall in Senegal, where he came to hold official contacts.

After the meeting, two leading joint press in a statement She found.

Emphasizing that my Senegal supports the fight against FETÖ, Erdogan asked journalists’ questions about Idlib. “There is also a movement towards our borders in Idlib. We are taking our precaution” she replied.

Erdogan’s statements are as follows:

– Today, we left behind a day full of both delegations and the signing of 7 agreements.

– We have successfully implemented many of our 2018 targets.

– We reached the $ 400 million target in the same year.

– Our target today is $ 1 billion between our countries. I believe we will catch this as soon as possible.

– Our businessmen are ready for faster service to Senegal.

– Soon the Turkey-Senegal will attend a business forum will further promote our businessmen.

– Senegal FETÖ is a country that understands our struggle with the terrorist organization and gives us rights.

– We continue our development-oriented activities in Senegal with our institutions such as TİKA.

– Before I visited Senegal, I went to Algeria and Gambia. This is my 4th visit to Senegal. We see African people as our fate partners.

– The good news given by Mr. President is very important. It is very important for young people to have a stadium for 50 thousand people. It is important that one step in Demir Çelik will be taken by Tosyalı Holding. Serious ties will be established with the steps of Turkish companies.

– We will never leave Senegal alone in the Defense Industry.

Question answer

– (Libya talks with Trump and Merkel) The meeting we had with Mr. Trump last night was actually Trump’s phone for us. This resulted in the earthquake in Elazig and Malatya, where 41 citizens died. It was an earthquake with 1600 injuries. Rescuing a large number of our citizens from under the wreckage is another joy for us. The planning of the constructions in villages and neighborhoods and centers was made by our Ministry. The needs of our citizens are met due to the winter season. It was kind of Mr. Trump to call at this point, and we thanked them. We said we would communicate if we have any problems. We talked about Libya, Idlib. We had the opportunity to talk about what we can do. It would be wrong to say that this work is solved in Libya from today to tomorrow. At the meetings that had to be held yesterday, Hafter did not come to Tunisia, which he said would come again. He also escaped from Moscow. He hid from the hotel room in Berlin. Hafter has no problem solving the job. On the contrary, there is a power named Wagner behind it. These are legionaries. Legionaries where the Abu Dhabi administration provided their money. These keep Hafter alive, and he is a legionary.

– There is also Sarrac, known by the UNSC. We believe that it would be correct for them to turn the mutual struggle into a political field and to determine the fate of the Libyan people in the political field.

– There is also a movement towards our borders in Idlib. We take our precaution. Winter is much more severe there. We asked our brothers there to build briquettes, not tents. They are done swiftly. We follow the process with precision there. Our hope is the peaceful ending of Idlib.


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