Egypt … the hero of the “Eastern Train” incident: My senses stopped and my behavior was the result of the moment


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Muhammad Mahmoud Farghali, the hero of his daughter’s rescue incident on the railway tracks of the Ismailia train station, cut the most difficult moments of his life, and how his senses stopped and his behavior towards his daughter.

And conducted newspaper “Al-Shorouk”, on Friday morning, a dialogue with Muhammad Farghali, through which he explained that he works as a teacher in the Bir al-Abed Educational Administration in North Sinai Governorate, and he belongs to a middle-family family in the village of Sadqa, affiliated to Tama Al-Amdeed Center in Dakahlia Governorate.

Farghali said that he lost the feeling of anything and all his senses and members stopped the moment he tried to save his daughter Khadija, who almost lost her life under the wheels of the Eastern Train, stressing that he was in the hands of God, and that his behavior, which lasted for a few seconds, was the result of the moment motivated by the attempt to save his daughter, regardless of the cost of his sacrifices.

Farghali mentioned that he has five children: Karim in the second year of the College of Pharmacy, Abdel Rahman Talib in the secondary stage, Fatima Al-Zahraa is a student in the second year of middle school, and Khadija is a student in the fifth grade of primary school, and Amr is a student in the third grade of primary school.

Farghali continued: “When I returned with my family from North Sinai Governorate to my village in Dakahlia to spend the mid-year vacation in the middle of the family, my family demanded the independence of the train and it is the first time that we take the train while we are traveling, and while we were going to take the train .. my daughter (Khadija) slid and fell Next to the bars, I only felt myself standing above it and the train walking.

Farghali concluded his remarks:

The moments in the train were terrifying, and I did not feel the time myself, and I could not hear any sound, and she lay beside Khadija and clung to her, until the train passed safely.


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