EC Vice-President: Russia and China leading cyber war against democracy in Europe


Russia and China are leading cyberwarfare to undermine democracy in Europe and the EU must create tools to respond to it, European Commission Vice-President Vera Yourova said today, quoted by the Associated Press and BTA.

Yourova said this at an expert conference in Brussels on misinformation.

Moscow and Beijing are using false news and misinformation to this end, the EC vice president said. Yourova, who is responsible for upholding democratic principles in the European Union, said that Russia and China are using information as a weapon and will not abandon it until Europe confronts them.

Cyberwarfare is a favorite method of Russia and China because “they see it as effective and inexpensive, and I’m not na├»ve enough to think that only some talk will make them stop,” Yourova said.

He cited the fake news from Russia regarding the descent of Malaysian Airlines over Eastern Ukraine in 2014 and the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the British city of Salisbury in 2018 as examples of Moscow and Beijing-led cyberwarfare.

Experts attending the conference said Russia’s goal is to create confusion and undermine organizations such as the EU and NATO, and China uses more sophisticated methods, combined with a lot of money, to influence people in key positions and foreign policy. .


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