Dog falls through ice, man jumps into water to save him – video


Sputnik France–video/

In Russia, a man who saw a dog pass through fragile ice did not hesitate to dive out of this trap at his own risk.

A dog was rescued on Tuesday January 28 when it had just fallen into icy water in Astrakhan, 1,200 kilometers southeast of Moscow.

A video shared on YouTube shows an almost naked man entering the water where blocks of ice are floating. Dismissing them, he catches the canine and helps him reach the shore.
The city resident says he noticed the animal while he was walking with his daughter.
“Near the winter port, the dog went down to the water to drink and the thin layer of ice broke. He failed to get out of himself, “said the rescuer.

He says swimming in icy water was rare for him until then, having only dived in the past for the celebration of the Epiphany in Russia, as tradition dictates.


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