Does Meghan Markle regret changing her life as an actress for that of a princess?


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Sussex’s ex-Duchess, Meghan Markle, “very regretted having abandoned” her professional career as an actress for her life in the British royal family, according to Sally Bedell Smith, a renowned biographer of the royal family. It could have been one of the reasons that pushed him to abandon his duties as duchess.

The biographer has written several works on different members of the royal family, including the Princess Diana and Prince Charles. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Sally explained that “she seems to regret having had to give up all that” and that “what was expected of her in the royal family did not compare to the things she was used to.”

The writer stressed that there are “innumerable advantages and benefits” of being part of the royal family, but that also means giving up “many things that can mean a lot to you.”

Markle was part of the cast of the American legal drama Suits. He gave life to the lawyer intern Rachel Zane for six years, but he left his acting career when he started dating Prince Harry. However, the actress did not fire her Hollywood agent, Nick collins, nor to other members of his team, who are currently looking for job offers in film and television.
On January 18, Buckingham Palace announced that from spring on Harry and Meghan will stop using their duke titles and withdraw from their royal duties. In addition, they will have to pay back the three million dollars spent on home remodeling.

Currently, the family is on the island of Vancouver with his son Archie while they go ahead with their philanthropic projects.


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