De Kraamvogel in financial problems, salaries paid (update)


The parent company of maternity care organization De Kraamvogel, Care in the Netherlands, is in financial difficulties. The company had to transfer the salaries of the employees last weekend, but there was not enough money in the bank account of the organization. That says director Paul Hulst.

Four insurers now meet the maternity care organization after consultation. “The January salary has now been transferred,” says a relieved Hulst.

Hulst does not yet know what the future of De Kraamvogel will look like. “Next Wednesday we will consult again, then I have to expose the buttocks.”

He praises the efforts of the four health insurers Zilveren Kruis, VGZ, CZ and Menzis. “Thanks to their dedication, the staff is paid and now we are going to jointly discuss how to proceed in the future. I will use the knowledge that is available with the insurers.”

Hulst wants at least after the consultation on the table how things should be better in the future. “The absenteeism rate is almost 12 percent, which is far and too high. That must be reduced. In addition, we will speed up the administrative processes.”

He also wants improvements for the staff. For example, he wants to get rid of the on-call duty, and turn it into scheduled services, and wants to improve his salary. He mainly wants the latter because, according to him, the outflow of staff is too large.

De Kraamvogel is the second largest maternity organization in Drenthe and originated from care and welfare organization Icare.


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