Crisis with 737 MAX leads to unique annual loss Boeing


Aircraft manufacturer Boeing has suffered a loss for the first time in twenty years. The costs for the troubled type 737 MAX have risen to 18 billion dollars. In particular, keeping the aircraft on the ground and not being able to deliver new aircraft is putting pressure on the figures.

In Boeing’s annual figures for 2019, the company had to record a loss of 636 million dollars.

After two fatal accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia with 737 MAX aircraft, in the space of five months, the aircraft was grounded. Director Dennis Muilenburg had to leave the field because of the crisis.

The American airlines Southwest Airlines and American Airlines, who had bought many of the MAX aircraft, say that they are not expecting the aircraft to be up and running before the summer.

Moreover, traders on the stock exchange were pleased that the annual figures were not lower; after the opening of the market, the Boeing share increased by 3 percent.

Earlier we showed what is wrong with the 737 MAX in a simulator:


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