Crash at 7/8! Rachkov made Slavi’s ex-powder


Former colleague of Dimitar Rachkov – Alex Raeva, was the target of his latest ugly mockery of Slavi’s show.

Rachkov and Trifonov talked about their ex-girlfriends, with Dalia wondering what Maria Ignatova was doing. Rachkov, however, did not owe it to him and immediately spoke about one of Slavi’s former Alex Raeva.

It is recalled that they both had an affair nearly 15 years ago, and according to newspaper reports, the singer even had an abortion. Today, Alex is the mother of a few months old daughter, and this was an occasion for Rachkov to joke very fat with her.

“Alex Raeva gave birth just to show that a person can come out of it as well,” the presenter shot at “Like Two Drops of Water.” He continued chatting with the artist, asking Trifonov how much he had made her video.

Slavi admitted that at his company Raeva was shooting a single video, and Rachkov said: “Instead of singing it all her life, she decided to lead the X Factor”.

Slavi laughed happily during the chuckles, though he was eventually confused that he asked for such a buzz not to be on his show, Hotnews wrote.


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