Coronavirus comment from Minister Ersoy: If we cannot manage this perception correctly, Turkish economy will be negatively affected


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“If we cannot manage this perception correctly, the economy, especially the tourism sector, will be negatively affected,” said Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy.

Sözcü Newspaper Ankara Representative Respect OzturkMinister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy‘Fame Foreign Turks and Relative CommunitiesHe said that he met with journalists in.

According to the news prepared by Öztürk for this meeting, Ersoy asked questions about the agenda. replied as follows:

“By the season flu infectionsWe are in a busy period. Tourism is also a perception operations. The better you manage perception, the better results you get. We work one-on-one with the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health is following very precisely and effectively. The coronavirus alarm comes on very often. If we cannot manage this perception properly, the Turkish economy, especially the tourism sector, will be negatively affected. We don’t have the slightest weakness. Our ministry manages the process very effectively and precisely. ”

Ersoy stated that precautionary measures were taken for each diagnosis, but it was revealed that suspicious cases were other ailments. Ersoycoronavirus alarm If we emphasize and create a false perception abroad, we will permanently harm tourism. We will encounter doubts during the time of the flu infection, we have to manage them correctly. ” said.

‘We are watching now’

world Health OrganizationMinister Ersoy stated that it would not be correct to switch to an active action plan without the clarification of the statements made by. “We know what to do. This is the reason for the establishment of the Tourism Development Agency. We have to make our sectors resistant to them. For now We izlemed. There is nothing to worry about. Big about china our expectations there is. This affects our expectation. In 2019, we had nearly 450 thousand Chinese tourist visitors. This year we were expecting a serious growth. This growth does not occur. Turkey is not a very effective overall number of tourist profile. Where it bounces is too early to talk to him. As we progress, we watch it step by step. According to him, we will change our measures. Just not very effective in terms of tourism in Turkey and China remains limited. Turkey’s 2020 goaldoes not affect ” used expressions.

6 million Turks abroad

Ersoy stated that we have 6 million citizens abroad, 2 million of which are under the age of 25, and 3 million of them voter the status of He stated that he contributed $ 5 billion to the economy annually.

‘No treasure found’

Bottomless LakeNoting that they have aggravated the conditions related to treasure searches after the search for treasure in Turkey, Culture and Tourism Minister Ersoy continued his words as follows:

“To give treasure excavation permits a trouble not giving is a different problem. This time if you don’t runaway excavations you encourage them. This is a more troubling situation. At least it’s under our control. If there is a problem, we have a chance to intervene. Does anything come out of the treasure leave? Can not Quit. More than a thousand treasure excavations were granted, they couldn’t find anything. A bigger nuisance when you don’t. This time they are full of holes. At least after the excavation is finished in a controlled way old into bring studies It is done. We put the staff on his head. ”

To prevent historical artifact smuggling, Anti-Smuggling DirectorateErsoy said that they have turned into a more effective fight. “The important thing is to prevent the work from going abroad. It is very difficult to take when he goes abroad ” said.


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