Coordinator for peace in the Middle East doubts the usefulness of the ‘agreement of the century’


JERUSALEM (Sputnik) – The ‘agreement of the century’ announced this week in Washington by President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cannot serve as a basis for negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, said the special coordinator for the peace process in Middle East, Nickolay Mladenov.

“Will it become the basis of negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians? I bet not,” Mladenov said during a conference delivered on January 30 in Tel Aviv.

“The negotiations would be impossible if Israel unilaterally decided to apply some parts of the plan,” he explained before recalling that Palestinian leaders and the people of the West Bank and Gaza have already rejected it.

The plan “addresses each of the red lines that Israel has placed for negotiations, but it is far from addressing the concerns of the Palestinian side,” Mladenov said.

According to the UN diplomat, negotiations would only be possible if the parameters included in the agreement of the century will be modified.

“The first danger we face is that of unilateral action by the Government [israelí] to annex the Jordan Valley and other parts of the West Bank, “he said, stressing that” if this happened, it would close the door to negotiations. ”

In his opinion, Trump’s peace plan changes the nature of relations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel that until now, at least theoretically, have been guided by the 1993 Oslo agreements.

Regarding an imminent annexation of the Jordan Valley, an official who accompanied Netanyahu to Washington said today that Israel is discussing with the United States the possibility of annexing that area, approximately 30% of the West Bank territory, before the elections of 2 March, Haaretz newspaper revealed.


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