Chinese scientists have developed a test detecting the new coronavirus in 8-15 minutes.


Japanese scientists have succeeded in isolating the genome of the coronavirus

A quick test detecting the new coronavirus in 8 to 15 minutes was developed in the Chinese city of Wuxi in the Chinese province of Jiangsu, BTA reported.

A Chinese coronavirus cured told of the disease

The test is highly sensitive, it is simple and easy to use and transport. The kit was developed by the National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention in collaboration with one of Wuxi’s high-tech companies.

The test has gone into production and the volume of production can provide analyzes of 4000 people per day. The first batch of this kit is already in use in the most affected areas of Hubei Province.

WHO declares coronavirus a global threat

At the same time, in France, Novasit has also developed a test to detect the new coronavirus. It will be unveiled this weekend at the Medlab Expo in Dubai.

In Japan, experts from the Japanese National Institute of Infectious Diseases have isolated the genome of the coronavirus. They took a sample of the laryngeal mucosa from a patient with a confirmed coronavirus. When, during the experiment, the isolated virus infected other cells, scientists announced that they had successfully isolated the genome of the new coronavirus.

WHO declares coronavirus a global threat

This is the first case of self-isolation of the genome in Japan. The pathogen was previously identified by Chinese specialists.

Experts hope that isolating the new-type coronavirus genome will help develop drugs and vaccines against it in the future.


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