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A Colo Colo fan died after he was hit by a police truck in Santiago, Chile.

The incident occurred at the end of the football match between the teams Colo Colo Y Palestinian. Jorge Mora, 37, was leaving the David Arellano Monumental Stadium with other fans when, suddenly, he was hit by a police truck that transported horses. The man was taken to a local hospital, where his death was found.

“It is a fact that we deeply regret. I believe that no one and less we Carabineros de Chile wanted it to have happened,” said the mayor Claudio Donoso, who lamented what happened and stressed that “after the sporting event, protesters began to cause disorders, throwing stones at private vehicles and fans who came out peacefully.”

Donoso added that the truck driver “is shocked by what has happened.”

In turn, the prosecutor María Cecilia Pino He informed that “the causes and reasons why this person was in the place and also the mobile phone, how it was circulating, are being investigated.”

The death of the fan generated a wave of publications on social networks. While some of the Internet users suggested that it was nothing more than a traffic accident, others accused the police of violence.


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