Brussels says goodbye to UK with black taxi and red phone booth – EU


Thousands are expected to take to the streets of London tomorrow to mark Britain’s historic exit from the European Union, BTA and DPA reported.

Brussels, where the European Union’s most important institutions are based, began by saying goodbye to Britain today.

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Against the background of sunset in the Belgian capital, its picturesque central square was illuminated by lights in the colors of the British national flag. The century-old square was filled with British symbols, including a black London-style taxi and a traditional UK red telephone booth.

The famous statue of the Peeping Boy (Dummy Mannee) was specially worn in a vest with the colors of a British flag, cylinder and cane.

Richard Wells, who has dual British and Belgian citizenship and has lived in Brussels for 35 years, said he was moved by the gesture.

“I think it’s really nice, I didn’t expect it,” he told the DPA.

About 25,000 of the total 1.2 million Britons in the European Union live in Belgium. On Saturday mornings, they will not wake up as EU citizens but as third-country nationals unless they have the nationality of another EU member state, the DPA notes.


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