British regulator: GDPR also continues to apply during Brexit transition – IT Pro – News


The European privacy law still applies throughout the year in the United Kingdom. As long as the country is in the transition phase of the EU exit, companies must adhere to the privacy rules. What will happen to the regulations after 2020 is unknown.

Which writes the Information Commissioner’s Office, the British privacy regulator. The ICO points to the transition period that the United Kingdom starts on Friday. During that period, the country can agree with the rest of the EU Brexit rules. The transition period runs until December 31 of this year. “During this period it is business as usual for data protection, “writes the regulator. That means that companies that process data must still comply with the rules imposed from Europe, such as requesting consent.

Like many other Brexit cases, it is not clear which privacy legislation will apply in the country from 2021 onwards. “It is not yet known what the data protection landscape will look like at the end of the transition period,” writes the ICO. “We recognize that companies are concerned about the processing of personal data in the future” is the only thing the regulator adds. The ICO says it will continue to closely monitor the situation and update its own guidelines if necessary.


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