Brit found guilty of unsuccessful attempt at Magna Carta …


A British man was found guilty of a failed attempt to steal a copy of the Magna Carta. The 47-year-old Mark Royden caused almost 15,000 pounds (more than 17,000 euros) damage, reports British public broadcaster BBC Thursday. He hit the glass case with the historic document in the cathedral of Salisbury with a hammer.

Royden told the police that he thought the 805 year old document was fake. According to the authorities, he had prepared well. He would first have explored so that he could avoid cameras. The man also took gloves, safety glasses and the hammer with him.

Eventually, bystanders were able to thwart the robbery in October 2018. They chased the Briton, who already has a large criminal record and had suffered brain damage in 1991 in an accident. Royden will hear the punishment he receives on 25 February.

The Magna Carta states that the power of the king will be limited. The English king Jan without Land signed the charter under pressure from loanmen on June 15, 1215 in a meadow near Runnymede.

The document in the Salisbury Cathedral is one of the four remaining versions of the original Magna Carta. According to The Guardian newspaper, the document was re-exhibited three months after the incident and the damaged glass case was given a prominent place in the exhibition that tells the history of the Magna Carta.

Brit found guilty of failed attempt to steal Magna Carta

Photo: EPA-EFE


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