Break! The EU is going to completely change the migration system! EU countries no longer obliged to receive asylum migrants! – The Daily Standard


The European Commission is finally going to deal with the migration issue. For years, critics have been calling for the EU to tackle migration itself rather than “steer” it through all vague treaties. The entire plan will be shown soon, but one thing is certain: the entire system will be overhauled! Today European Commissioner Schinas is interviewing Prime Minister Rutte!

European Commissioner Schinas is a hardliner. He simply says as it is: the current EU migration policy is failing on all sides. The flag may already be used for this recognition.

We have a patchwork of national procedures, national attempts to return asylum seekers who have exhausted all legal remedies and who sometimes do and do not work. And we have the Dublin rule, which places all responsibility with the countries where the migrants first enter. There is a little money. We have the European border agency Frontex, but that is not yet on strength. “

The big problem is indeed the amount of treaties and national laws and regulations that stand in the way of each other. As a result, the EU undermines itself, which is why it is not a bad idea to completely change the system. In recent years – thanks to Merkel’s “Wir-schaffen-das policy” – we have seen that the EU does not have a working migration system.

“We need a comprehensive European migration policy. Europe will remain an asylum destination for the world’s misery. That belongs to us and to the European way of life. But everyone who does not deserve the protection of the EU will have to go back. And this time we do it too. “

Today Schinas is talking to Rutte about some details and also about Rutte’s opinion. Rutte is still praised in Brussels because he is known as one of the architects for the Turkey deal.

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