Borussia Dortmund may get away with Juventus player – Soccer World – Germany


The transfer window closes on Friday night and Borussia Dortmund and Juventus cannot reach an agreement on Juve Emre Gian midfielder.

The German team is very keen on the football player, but the amount offered by the club to the player does not satisfy the ‘old lady’ at all. According to Sky sport italia and, negotiations between the two teams are ongoing.

Juventus are firm in their claims, demanding an amount of EUR 30 million for the German national. Emre Gian has already come to terms with Dortmund bosses on his personal terms, but time is running out and it seems increasingly likely that the footballer will remain at the Alliance Stadium until at least the summer.

The former Liverpool player has said he wants to leave Turin in the winter and go to a club where he will play regularly. Borussia Dortmund seems to be the perfect solution for Gian, but very soon we will find out if it will come to a deal that will satisfy everyone.

Author: Dido Kalinkov


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