BILD: Dost with stomach problems admitted to Frankfurt hospital


Bas Dost is in the hospital. According to BILD with major stomach problems.

Dost said on Tuesday at the first training session of the week that he is suffering from his stomach, reports it German medium. Dost had to stop the training, but did train with his teammates in the days that followed. The Dutch striker, however, continued to suffer from persistent bowel problems. He would have felt sick and dizzy, he said.
This led to him being examined in more detail. This has resulted in that The Platfussbomber has been admitted to hospital. Dost regularly suffers from the necessary injuries in Germany. Now he seemed to be fit again for a while, but the persistent stomach problems seem to cause him to be missing from the Eintracht team again on Saturday against Fortuna Düsseldorf. It is still unclear how long Dost must stay in the hospital.


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