Azis with a second fashion hit against Billy Porter


Is it possible for Hollywood actor Billy Porter to copy our Asian style? This is one question that fans of the Folk King are sure to ask, which for the second time struck a fashion hit against the Hollywood star. Strange as it may seem, Azis’s extravagant visions are born first in his head and only then reach the red carpet.

Another proof of this is a collage that Bulgarians publish today on their Instagram profile. Through it, he boasted to his followers on social networks that as early as the summer of 2019, he wore the infamous blue suit that Billy Porter appeared at the Grammy Awards just the other day.

Looking more closely, we find some differences in the clothing of both. Azis’s suit is in deep blue, with no glare, and Billy Porter’s suit tends more to turquoise and is strewn with glittering particles and stones. Their hats are also not exactly the same – the villain has chosen a hat in silver, and that of the Hollywood actor is in the same shade as his outfit. Falling fringes, however, are there for both.

The fashion idea, however, is almost identical, so … applause for Azis! His flair for design solutions once again outstrips Hollywood.

Recall that last year, Azis surprised us with another similar collage, again with Billy Porter. However, the difference here is not a few months but 16 years

In 2003, the singer donned a long black dress and Mr Porter only appeared in February 2019 for the Oscars’ starry night.

Men in Dresses – THE BEGINNING! Azis outgrew Billy Porter by 16 yearsThe wearer wore a long black dress in 2003, and actor Porter starred in the 2019 Oscars


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