At least 15 people die from bus fall to a ravine in Bolivia


Sputnik World

LA PAZ (Sputnik) – The fall of a long-distance bus to a ravine on the outskirts of La Paz, in the midst of heavy rain, left at least 15 dead and about twenty injured, reported police authorities cited by local media.

“We have counted 14 deaths at the scene of the accident, to which is added an injured girl who died upon arrival at the hospital, and we do not rule out that there are more fatalities because there is no complete record of travelers,” he told Erbol radio fire commander, Ismael Villca.

The accident occurred about ten kilometers from La Paz, on the narrow mountain road that connects the Bolivian political capital with the tropical region of Yungas, where the vehicle came from.

Villca said, citing surviving passenger stories, that the driver lost control of the bus due to an apparent brake break and ended up falling into a ravine. about 50 meters deep.

On January 28, another road accident near Lake Titicaca left 14 dead, according to the latest police count.


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