Arab countries seeking to evacuate their students from the “Killer Virus Outbreak Center”


The National Health Commission of China said today, Wednesday, that the number of deaths resulting from the outbreak of the Corona virus in the country rose to 132 by the end of Tuesday, with the confirmation of 1459 other new cases.

In a statement, the authority said in a statement that the total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in China reached 5974 cases as of Tuesday.

Direct transfer to Iraqi students and their families

Iraqi Transport Minister Abdullah Laibi announced the allocation of an Iraqi Airways plane to return Iraqi students and their families from China directly to Iraq without transit, and this is the first time that it has a direct flight from this city, after prior coordination with the Iraqi Ministry of Health to equip the plane With a large and specialized health staff to carry out the necessary tests for all expatriates and ensure their safety as a preventive measure due to the appearance of Coronavirus in China.

Laibi added, “We also contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Iraqi embassy in Beijing, to prepare all the necessary supplies to transport Iraqi students and citizens as quickly as possible.”

It is worth noting that these measures came in accordance with the results of the emergency meeting that was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi on Sunday (26/1/2020), which included the ministers of health, environment, foreign, interior, transport, the border outlets authority, the Red Crescent Society and all the concerned authorities.

In the same context, the Iraqi deputy for the “Al-Fateh” bloc, Al-Hasnawi, asked the Iraqi government to obtain approval from the Chinese government to evacuate Iraqi students as soon as possible from the Chinese city of Wuhan because of the spread of the Corona virus. According Iraqi 24 site.

Al-Hasnawi called “the government not to be satisfied with an operation room by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy, ​​but rather the students will be transferred by plane to Iraq before they are injured and as other countries have evacuated their citizens from this city, which was quarantined by the Chinese authorities.”

Al-Hasnawi indicated that “the Iraqi Ministry of Health should spread awareness to prevent infection and take the necessary measures to examine people from the People’s Republic of China.”

The directives of the Jordanian king

King Abdullah II instructed to send an aircraft to evacuate the Jordanian citizens present in the Chinese city of Wuhan as soon as possible.

And after the directives of King Abdullah II, the relevant government agencies began to arrange procedures for that.

The government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Affairs, obtained the approval of the Chinese authorities for the evacuation of the city, which was quarantined, as it quoted Agency “Ammon”.

The Kingdom’s embassy in Beijing is communicating with the Chinese authorities and Jordanian citizens to complete the evacuation as soon as possible.

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi announced earlier Saturday that his country asked the Chinese authorities to allow it to evacuate its citizens residing in the Chinese city of Wuhan because of the epidemic related to the Corona virus.

Safadi wrote in a tweet on “Twitter” that “the ministry is constantly following and communicating with the Chinese authorities and with our children. We asked to allow the evacuation of our citizens and we will do so once the Chinese authorities, who imposed a quarantine on the city and prevented entry to it or any of them, agreed. No injuries between our citizens Thank God we are doing everything available. No one has been evacuated. “

In the same context, the spokesperson for the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaifallah Al-Fayez, affirmed in a statement that “the ministry is following the conditions of Jordanian citizens and students residing in Wuhan through the Jordanian embassy in the People’s Republic of China, after the spread of the Corona virus.”

Al-Fayez did not indicate the total number of the Jordanian community in Wuhan, China, but pointed out that “the embassy limited the numbers of students, who numbered about one hundred, as well as Jordanian nationals in the province of Khubei, its capital, Wuhan.”

Many countries are seeking to evacuate their nationals from Wuhan, and a US official said that a charter flight left today, but it was not clear who was on board.

China will cooperate with countries that insist on evacuating their nationals from the closed quarantine city of Wuhan due to the new Corona virus, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on Wednesday.

Common symptoms of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, coughing, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing, and in more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia, acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death.

Coronaviruses are transmitted between animals and people, and there are many known coronaviruses that currently circulate between animals, and that have not yet infected humans.


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