Anderlecht finds new energy (and fans can make money from it …


Anderlecht have found new energy on Neerpede and the system also works if there are dark clouds above the club. Anderlecht had 272 solar panels installed on their training center to generate green energy. The fans can invest 50 to 100 euros in this project with a gross return of 4% on it.

By 2050, the Brussels government wants to emit 80% less CO2. Anderlecht want to do their bit and the 272 solar panels that Eneco installed in Neerpede will account for 20% of the total energy consumption. This will save RSCA around 10,000 euros a year.

The Purple & White calls it #ThePowerofAnderlecht and also wants his fans to benefit from it. Around 2000 supporters can invest 50 or 100 euros in this project crowdlending hot. This covers the installation, but the investors receive a gross return of 4%. At 100 euros a profit of 4 euros per year and after 4 years they also get the 100 euros back. That yields more than a savings account. Ostend, Westerlo and Genk also think of such a formula, but RSCA is the first club to apply it.

Anderlecht therefore find new energy. Whoever enters the car also sees his name immortalized on a wall in the training complex. Who wants to sign up can go to the club’s website.

“This is our first project with a sports club. Anderlecht have a unique position in this and become a spearhead in terms of green energy, “says Jean-Jacques Delmée, CEO of Eneco.

“It is very important to involve our fans in this. We want to make people environmentally aware and teach them the need for healthy air. It is symbolic, but at the same time very concrete, “says David Steegen, spokesperson for RSCA.


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