An official invitation for Russian astronauts to travel to space on US ships


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Russian astronaut Oleg Artemiyev confirmed today, Wednesday, that a number of Russian astronauts have received an offer to travel on modern American ships.

“The astronauts who have been offered travel on US ships are on our team,” Artemiyev said while displaying his photo album at the Astronauts Museum.

Earlier, the Russian Federal Space Agency administration Roskosmos repeatedly stated that Russian astronauts will fly aboard the new American spacecraft “Boeing Starliner” and “SpaceX Crudragon” as soon as they are operational, and at the same time, American astronauts will be provided with flight seats Russian satellite, and these plans were confirmed by NASA director Jim Braidenstein.

The United States abandoned its space flights in 2011, and since then, Russia has had a monopoly on delivering astronaut crews to the International Space Station, and the new US ships were supposed to be ready by 2017, but their equipment has not yet been completed.


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