Alpine surprises with adventurous A110 Sports X Concept


Winter sports enthusiast

In Paris the Festival Automobile International has started and the first big surprise comes from the case of Alpine. The French present an adventurous version of the A110 on their own soil.

The Alpine A110 is probably not your first choice as a means of transport to winter sports destinations. This Sports X Concept, which was shown to the general public in Paris today, must be changed. The sports coupe suddenly looks a lot more adventurous in this way. It doesn’t fall all the way from the sky; the primal A110 had a rich rally history. We also saw in September a rally version of the current A110.

The A110 Sports X, however, takes it a bit more adventurous than the rally A110. The car is significantly higher on its feet, 60 mm to be precise. In addition, the car is also 80 mm wider than usual. The larger wheels, plastic accents and the skis on the back complete the picture. It is only outward show, because under the skin everything is just standard. So for now it will remain a nice study model, but it would not surprise us if this is already a warm-up for a future SUV of the brand.


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