‘Agreement of the Century’ comment from Russian Foreign Affairs: First Israel and Palestinian views


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Stating that Israel and Palestine should first voice their views on the Agreement of the Century, announced by US President Donald Trump, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mihail Bogdanov noted that Moscow is not a party to the conflict.

Speaking to Sputnik, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mihail Bogdanov said, “We will examine the offers. But we are not making any decisions. The decisions are made by the parties involved in the conflict, Palestinians and Israelis. Americans are not making decisions. They just made such an attempt, everyone will study it. But first, the conflicting parties will decide. We are not a party to this conflict”He said.

US President Donald Trump, Together with Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, he announced the 80-page solution plan called ‘The Agreement of the Century’.

‘It is not clear how conciliatory it is’

Bogdanov, “I think the parties should start negotiations directly and get mutually acceptable solutions. We do not know whether this offer of the USA is mutually acceptable. We need to see the reactions of the parties ” he added.


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