After their evacuation from China … Germany puts its citizens under quarantine for 15 days


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German Health Ministry spokeswoman Anna Sophie Eckeler announced on Wednesday that German citizens, who are to be returned from China to Germany in the coming days due to the “Corona virus”, will be placed under quarantine for 15 days.

Berlin – Sputnik. “Yes, it is planned to put them under quarantine,” the spokeswoman said, adding that the conversation is about a 15-day period.
She added that estimates of the effect of the new coronavirus on the German economy have not yet been clear to the government, and “we hope that the assessments will be affordable.”

For his part, German Foreign Minister spokesman Christopher Burger announced that the evacuation process is planned in the coming days, without indicating the exact date of the operation.

Germany announced the first confirmed case of the “emerging corona virus”, as the Ministry of Health in Bavaria confirmed, on Monday, that a man in the town of Starnberg, which is thirty kilometers southwest of Munich, was infected with the Corona virus.

Sources from Germany’s health services told Deutsche Presse Agentur that the German man’s infection was transmitted from a Chinese guest to the man’s company.

On December 31, the Chinese authorities informed the World Health Organization of an outbreak of unknown pneumonia in Wuhan, in the central part of the country.


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