After more than 10 years, Karel De Gucht is proved right in big …


After more than 10 years, Karel De Gucht is proved right in a large tax case over hundreds of thousands of euros

Karel De Gucht.


Former European Commissioner Karel De Gucht (Open Vld) and his wife, police judge Mireille Schreurs, have been proven right in their major tax case after more than ten years. That is what De Tijd writes Friday. The Ghent Court of Appeal ruled on the merits that they should not pay taxes on the proceeds they obtained in 2005 from a sale of shares. Then more than 1 million euros ended up in their bank account, but according to the court of appeal they did not have to report this to the tax authorities.

The judgment of the Ghent Court of Appeal dates back to January 7, but was not yet known. “In the meantime, the Special Tax Inspectorate (BBI) has indicated that it will be based on the judgment. With that, the matter is definitively resolved with regard to this dispute ”, reacts De Guchts lawyer, Bruno Cardoen of the Tiberghien office.

For the 2006 tax year, the tax authorities claimed an additional tax assessment by De Gucht and Schreurs of more than 811,000 euros. But the Court of Appeal wrongly upholds the Special Tax Inspectorate on the whole because the arguments do not make sense.

The income that De Gucht and Schreurs obtained from the sale of shares in the Vista zinc group were not “professional income” as the tax authorities have maintained for years. According to the court of appeal, it all fit into the “normal management” of their “private assets”. De Gucht and Schreurs have therefore not violated tax rules, the judgment concludes.


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