AFAD: The aid collected for Elazig and Malatya exceeded 86 million pounds


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The Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) reported that a total of 86 million 472 thousand 922 lira, including 58 million 642 thousand 922 lira in bank accounts, 27 million 827 thousand 740 lira in SMS system, was collected in the aid campaign for those affected by the Elazig-based earthquake.

In the statement made by AFAD, it is stated that the improvement works carried out to reduce the effects of the earthquake and to restore the lives of the citizens in the region are continuing.

In the statement, it was stated that a total of 14 million lira emergency aid payments, 7 million lira each, were sent to the governor’s order in Elazig and Malatya to meet the cash needs in the region, the following was recorded:

“Within the scope of the Elazig and Malatya Aid Campaign, which continues with the intense interest of our nation, a total of 86 million 470 thousand 662 lira has been collected in the bank accounts, including 58 million 642 thousand 922 lira in the SMS system, 27 million 827 thousand 740 lira. A total of 212 thousand 697 meals were delivered in Elazığ, with a total of 212 thousand 297 meals, and 64 thousand 400 meals in Malatya. Turkish Kızılay also provided 7 catering vehicles, 1 child-friendly area and 4 mobile kitchens and 3 kitchen kitchens. has been shipped. “

’39 thousand 460 buildings damage assessment work completed’

In the statement, it was reminded that there were 22 aftershocks with a magnitude of over 4 in the region, and a total of 1659 aftershocks, and 45 citizens were rescued from the wreckage as a result of the completed search and rescue efforts, and 41 citizens were killed.

In the statement, which stated that 1561 of 1607 citizens who were admitted to the hospital due to the earthquake in the region were discharged, 46 people, 4 of them were in intensive care, continued to be treated, while 584 of them were destroyed and 394 of them were severely damaged.

The statement also included the following information:

“In Elazig, Malatya, Diyarbakir, Adiyaman and Kahramanmaras, it has been determined that 584 of 39 thousand 460 buildings examined so far have been demolished, 6.845 of them have been severely damaged, 1207 of them are medium and 14 thousand of 389 are urgent. Emergency In the studies in which 235 buildings to be demolished were determined, 14 thousand 317 buildings were found to be undamaged. “

“Citizens can donate 10 TL for disaster victims by writing DEPREM from all GSM operators and sending SMS to 1866,” the statement said to the earthquake survivors were delivered to those in need under the coordination of AFAD. was reminded.


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