A teenager snatches a young woman’s phone and the beating wheel in front of the Colmar courthouse


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A telephone was stolen from an employee of the Colmar courthouse when she commuted to work. After offering to rob the thief for money to return her cell phone, the young woman was punched and kicked.

A young woman working at the Colmar courthouse was attacked in front of the building by a 17-year-old girl who had just stolen her cell phone, reports The Latest News from Alsace. The attack took place on Monday, January 27, around 8 a.m. on the side of rue Bruat, near the prefecture.
According to the daily, the victim was on his way to work when the youngster stole the smartphone which he was holding in one hand while his earphones were in his ears. In addition, she accompanied the theft with threats.
According to media reports, the victim, a young law graduate, told her that her phone contained important things for her, trying to offer to withdraw money to give in exchange and hoping that a passerby would help.

It is reported that at the height of Pfeffel Square, under the palace windows, the victim tried to take his phone. The offender then pulled her by the hair, kicked her on the forehead, and then punched and kicked her while on the ground.

Known to justice

The source said that a passerby alerted the police. When they arrived quickly, the police arrested the thief, who was already being chased by other teenagers. Known to justice, she was placed in police custody for theft and violence.

The complaint was presented to the prosecution and then to a Strasbourg children’s judge. She was then charged before being sent to a closed educational center.

Shocked and with bruises on her face, the courthouse worker was prescribed three days of Total Work Disability (ITT).


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